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Protect Your Hearing With a Pair of One Of The Best Selling Ear Defenders

Ear Defenders provide valuable protection for one of the most sensitive areas of your body.


Using ear defenders to protect your ears from harm is one of the best investments you can make to secure the long term use of your hearing. Do you work or play in an environment where noise is persistent or loud then you may be subjecting you ears to long term damage. For instance, are you involved in any of the following:

  • The music industry – musicians, gigs, band performances, concerts, rigging, sound engineering and testing.
  • Construction industry, building, metal work, using electronic power or hammer tools
  • Country pursuits such as shooting, clay pigeon shooting and hunting
  • Work with aircraft, large vehicles, engines, power motors

There are many areas where high decibel level noise is simply a part of the job or hobby and can’t be avoided. In these cases in order to maximize your ability to resist such noise and heighten your enjoyment and at the same time protect your health it is important to protect your ears with a pair of ear defenders.

Electronic ear defenders

These defenders can be used in a variety of noisy and discordant environments and they work effectively by constantly monitoring the ambient sound levels. When sharp rises occur, your ears are instantly protected by the in-built cut-off mechanism which neutralizes those incoming blasts.

Shooting ear defenders

Enhancing your enjoyment of outdoor sporting and shooting events is the single purpose behind most of the shooting ear protectors out there. Minimizing those potentially dangerous and harmful bangs and shots from whatever guns you are using is easily fixed by wearing a pair of shooting ear defenders. Every serious shooting enthusiast needs to have a pair if they are going to carry on their sport in safety.


Kids ear defenders

Protecting your children’s ears is something that should be a concern for every parent. When you want to take your child to an exciting musical event or open air concert or even a fireworks display, which as we know can sometimes very loud, you don’t want to have to worry  about whether their ears are being damaged; you simply want the whole family to enjoy the event. Well that is taken care of with kids ear protection.